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Auto QED Software Services provides intellectual IT Services

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IOT) is the next revolution for users and brands. Many industries are already transforming, and the rest will follow. We help businesses innovate and experiment to integrate this new digital opportunity in their strategy. We provide the most scalable, secure cloud application platform to connect any device, using protocol and transform that data to real-time actionable intelligence anywhere in the world. We take customers concepts and turns them into market ready reality. We are specialize in designing electronic sensors and devices. Combining reliability and quality with engineering expertise and innovation,our product portfolio has a functionality that is user friendly, effective and well developed in line with the demands of the market. We meet the demand from the upsurge in interest in wireless sensor networks in industrial and commercial applications. We always wants to know more about wireless sensor networking solutions and to provide leading solutions that access the commercial advantages they enable.

Our Expertise

  • Building string IoT enabled Big data Engine.
  • Multi platform and Client supported.
  • Anybody can connect
  • Expert team in Hardware and Embedded technology.
  • Smart city solution enabler.